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It’s well, it’s Steve Mc Queen, and he, Warren, obviously is Steve Mc Queen.I mean, it wasn’t Warren Skaaren and Steve Mc Queen walking across the Dallas airport and at this moment they happened to be walking beside each other, the women actually zipping along after Mc Queen, with Warren basically in their way.Sean Memon of Arlington was the first individual to win a hunt, either in Washington or in South Florida, where the event originated.“I just came out here for the fun of it,” said Memon, 35, a lawyer.Then this guy himself is gone, to God knows where in Germany. In that three-and-a-half years since you last saw Warren the Sculpture Major at Rice, some amazing things have hapened.

The sixth annual Post Hunt, a celebration of the confounding, the bewildering and the oblique, drew thousands of would-be puzzle-solvers Sunday to Freedom Plaza and sent them scouring the streets of downtown Washington seeking answers.

He’s standing at a boarding gate in the Dallas airport with his family, waiting to be shipped off to God knows where—Germany or something—and his family is standing around him weeping.

He looks up and in one of these gee, small-world numbers, coming across the Dallas airport—really zipping across it—is an old college buddy of this guy. They went to school back at Rice, five or six years ago, and Warren was a sculpture major.

People such as Rob Pavosevich and Sharon Belliveau of Northwest Washington, who teamed with another couple, spent a couple of hours and “a couple of bottles of wine” Friday night reviewing some old Post Hunts for clues, themes and guidance. For some, that means recording clues and gathering in one place to review the footage.

For others, the hunt involves dispatching team members to potential clue sites before the event starts. But the crowd was the “biggest ever, easily,” said Shroder, noting that it topped last year’s 12,000 participants.

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