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It is not merely a record of an event, place or issue.– Jodi Bieber, Photographer, South Africa While I’ve never met her, I was first introduced to Kirsty’s work by a photojournalism professor in Cambridge, and later saw a project of hers while judging for Unicef in Germany. She tends not to examine the enormous conflicts and problems we face, but instead focuses on smaller perspectives – like her project on little girls and the imposition of the color pink.

She has spent most of it chronicling the Venezuelan economic and social crisis.

Her work in color is also strong and effective, as she uses it cautiously and in a sublime way.

I think she has a potent visual language and I’m very curious to see what she will come up with in the future.

For me, this list includes many photojournalists I have never known, was delighted to learn about and excited to get to know more.

Here’s their list of 34 women photographers to follow right now.

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