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Rama stormed the country, and, after a big battle, rescued his wife. Sankalia, professor emeritus at Pune University, Dr N. Sahu, vice-chancellor of Sambalpur University, Orissa and Dr S. Behera, head of the department of history, Sambalpur University, are convinced that the mythic Lanka and India's southern neighbour are two different places.

This inspiring story was immortalised in the Ramayana, one of the great epics of all time. The team is working on the theory that Ravana's ancient kingdom could be located somewhere in central India, most probably in western Orissa.

Said Sahu: "We dug six trenches and found two independent and hollow pillars, each 27 feet high.

These might have been used for sacrifices, and in one we discovered die skeleton of a baby and in the other the skeleton of a horse." The scientists also discovered 12 pitchers dating back to the 6th or the 7th century B. All the pitchers were sealed, and when the seals were broken, the head of a horse was found in one.

In the Mahabharata, Sahdeo conquers Lanka and Singhala separately. found in Bastar revealed that the Dandakaranya forest in the Ramayana was near the kingdom of Raja Bhanjdeo and that the territory of Lankeshwara - Ravana, by another name - was close to Dandakaranya.

Jaisee in Badmavada Kavya has given a graphic description of two routes going to Lanka and Singhala respectively. Also, Rama's forest sojourn began in Chitrakut, and all through the routes from Chitrakut to Bastar Rama's folk tales are very popular among the tribals. One of the copper plates found at Sonepur refers to Someshwar Deva, a prince calling himself the lord of Pashchim Lanka (western Lanka).

But is the Lanka of the epic the Sri Lanka of today? "There is prima facie evidence to prove this," asserts Behera.

The archaeologists are concentrating on Sonepur, which lies along the banks of the Tel, a torrential river which in 1975 had washed away a temple with tantric diagrams near Baidyanath, a temple constructed by Daripada, a raja of Sonepur who abdicated his throne to become a tantric.

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