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A fortification tower was rebuilt four times and repaired once, followed by habitation units that were rebuilt seven times.If Kenyon were correct that City IV met its final destruction at the end of the Middle Bronze Period (c.(I will put Wood's complete argument in the library when we have the relevant permissions). John Garstang had found a small series of scarabs in his excavation of the cemetery at Jericho.They covered the period from the XIIIth to the XVIIIth dynasty and then ended. His discussion is superficial, at best, lacking both depth and precision. It is clear that the question is one of chronology. Bruins and van der Plicht did not set out to disprove Wood's thesis. These depict Egypt as a stable, properous nation at the very time the traditional biblical chronology date for the Exodus says Egypt should be a nation devastated by plagues.

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1) The conventional dating is correct but the interpretation of the sites has been in error.

Thus it would confirm the Biblical account exactly.

The end of the Late Bronze Age being dated by conventional chronology at 1400 BC.

We further showed that if the conventional chronology was abandoned in favor of our revision, all the archaeological evidence confirmed the Biblical account.

With the same object in mind others have come up with alternative solutions which we have not found satisfactory but we feel that they should be mentioned.

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