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Sometimes I have rare-to-be-met aircraft, ship, vintage, military chronometers & clocks, meteo, optical, geodesic instruments & photocameras.If you need something that's already sold, tell me, I'll look for one just for you.From a collector's point of view, of course watches which do have a service number are the most interesting, however also the most expensive, because there are much more out there without any official sign of military use. DIAL: This Timepiece features an NEW California Military Style Black Metal Dial.Konrad Knirim's Choice: The Timepiece of the month April 2000: Military Watches and Clocks of the German Forces The watches and clocks for military purposes were specified and ordered by the Wehrmacht of the Nazi government: If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or have any questions, please e-mail me, Yuri Margorsky: Please be sure to add this site to your "bookmarks". The former dial has been strongly spoilt; therefore it has been Now Professionally Made (non "ROLEX"! MOVEMENT: This Stylish Watch has the Original Vintage HIGHT-GRADE Nickel-plated Movement "" in an Good Status which was Very Well Saved, considering Age of this Watch.

Relative to WW1, there was a whole new range of weapons technology developed, and time measurement now played an even more crucial role in many contexts, such as in small, highly mobile units (e.g.

MOVEMENT: This Awesome Watch has the Vintage Original HIGHT-GRADE Movement "" in an Good Status which was very well saved, considering age of this watch.

This Watch is have Manual Wind 15 Ruby Jewels screwed settings Movement, is in Good Working Order and in Good Cosmetic Condition. Mechanism has been Recently Serviced to ensure it winds and sets smoothly while keeping Great, Accurate Time, ...however Movement Old (..this Mechanism More than 80 Years Old!

These men needed watches, but the outbreak of WW2 had cut the major trade channels from the West.

Germany therefore had to depend on its own production, but on the other hand received supplies from "neutral" countries.

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