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It's a useful model for students to follow in learning about the environment.

Chapter 6: The Human Organism augments many of these ideas in the context of human beings.

Eventually, scientists produced and tested the theories and models that are used to explain people's observations.

They came to understand the living environment first through observations, then classifications, then theories.

Science for All Americans What can be anywhere near as awe-inspiring as the vast array of living things that occupy every nook and cranny of the earth's surface, unless it is the array of extinct species that once occupied the planet?

Biologists have already identified over a million living species, each with its own way of surviving, sometimes in the least likely places, each readily able to propagate itself in the next generation.

Students should have the opportunity to learn about an increasing variety of living organisms, both the familiar and the exotic, and should become more precise in identifying similarities and differences among them.

The challenge for educators is to capitalize on the interest that students have in living things while moving them gradually toward ideas that make sense out of nature.

Students can be guided toward making distinctions between stories that portray animals the way they really are and those that do not.

Differences among students over the correctness of the portrayal of animals or plants in books should lead the students to reference works, which are another source of information that students must start learning to use.

Long before Darwin provided an entirely new framework for explaining evolution and before the microscope led scientists to cells and chemistry led them to protein and DNA, the earth was under close scrutiny.

Botanists, zoologists, geologists, surveyors, explorers, amateur collectors, and even fortune-hunters were busy finding out what was "out there." On every continent, indigenous people had intimate knowledge of the flora and fauna of their regions.

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